Spanish Classroom Objects Lesson Plan (La Clase)

This Spanish Classroom Objects Lesson Plan encompasses commonly used classroom objects vocabulary along with class schedules. Students can use what they learn immediately in context as it relates to what they are doing at school.

This Spanish Prepositions PowerPoint is a colorful and creative presentation teaching students the meaning and uses of prepositions (above, below, next to, to the right of, inside of etc.) along with common classroom objects vocabulary. This presentation of 35 slides includes a short assessment.

Download a Sample Power Point

This PowerPoint uses the Inductive Method of teaching. This is where students are given several different examples of the Spanish Formal vs Informal using phrases and images. Students then determine what the differences are and create their own rules. This engages the student more in the presentation and helps them remember the material better since they are taking part in the learning themselves.

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Students should have a basic knowledge of the verb TENER (Tengo, Tienes, tiene), Ordinal numbers (first; primero, etc) and classes vocab (arte, historia, etc). Students start by writing out their own class schedule. Then they go around asking their classmates about their schedule. When they are done talking they then write out the results to you using the 3rd person singular/plural form of the verb TENER (Tienen).

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A basic quiz assessing student knowledge of common classroom objects.

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