Teaching Spanish Stem Changing Verbs

Teaching Spanish Stem Changing Verbs can be a little difficult. Help yourself out with the the following documents and resources.

This Spanish Stem Changing Verbs PowerPoint starts off with the verb JUGAR and teaches it's irregularity of the stem change. This part of the Power Point can be shown and then reviewed for a few days with the students until they understand the concept of stem changing verbs. Then you can show them the rest of the power points that includes the other types of stem changers (o:oe, e:i, e:ie). Includes assessments throughout and 58 slides!

Download sample Power Point

This PowerPoint uses the Inductive Method of teaching. This is where students are given several different examples of the Spanish Formal vs Informal using phrases and images. Students then determine what the differences are and create their own rules. This engages the student more in the presentation and helps them remember the material better since they are taking part in the learning themselves.

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Assess them with the following stem changers worksheet:

This 2-page worksheet thoroughly assesses student understanding of the Spanish stem-changing verbs and their conjugations.

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Stem Changers music video: