Spanish Present Tense Lesson Plan


With the Spanish Present Tense Lesson Plan  start with the -AR verbs Power Point and make sure the students understand the concept of conjugating before I move on to the ER/IR verbs.  Also, students must have a deep understanding of the Spanish Subject Pronouns before they can correctly conjugate verbs. Once students grasp conjugating regular present tense verbs, you can move onto the Spanish irregular conjugations.

Use the following as supplemental materials:

This Spanish Present Tense PowerPoint has 68 colorful slides full of pictures and animations. It helps students understand the basics of Spanish conjugations by only teaching the -AR verbs. Once students understand how to conjugate -AR verbs, then it's time to move onto -ER/IR verbs.

This goes through each subject pronoun at a time, thoroughly teaching the steps to conjugating a verb, starting with the infinitive. There are several practices during the Power Point and at the end so you can assess your students and pace your teaching.

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This PowerPoint uses the Inductive Method of teaching. This is where students are given several different examples of the Spanish Formal vs Informal using phrases and images. Students then determine what the differences are and create their own rules. This engages the student more in the presentation and helps them remember the material better since they are taking part in the learning themselves.

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This Spanish Infinitives Worksheet is to help students with the basic understanding of Spanish infinitives. They first fill in the chart determining what type of verb each picture indicates. At the bottom they are to look up the 3 different type of verbs either with a Span/Eng dictionary or online and write their meaning.

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It would be good to first teach some basic regular verbs, possibly use the Infinitives Worksheet as a guide.

In the survey students choose 5 regular verbs and write them in the infinitive form. They then write whether they do that activity or not next to it, conjugating in the YO form. Then they create questions in the Tú form to ask their classmates. After they have all the spaces filled in, they are to write down the results for you saying who does (or doesn't) do what using the él/ella form and ellos/ellas form. It also includes the Nosotros(as) form of the conjugations. (Note: Although it says -AR verbs in the title, it can easily be changed for ER/IR verbs also)

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This 2 page Spanish Present Tense Worksheet is packed full of practice conjugations in the present tense of -AR regular verbs. Once students can complete this assignment on their own, they are ready to move on to ER/IR verbs.

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From the Realidades text comes this song that helps teach the -AR verb conjugations in the present tense. Students are to listen to the song, filling in the missing lyrics. Sometimes it's helpful if they are put in groups to help each other out. When all the students have all the blanks filled in, you can sing it as a class together! The song can be found here

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