Spanish Reflexive Verbs Practice

The following contains Spanish Reflexive Verbs Practice and Activity Ideas.

There are two different ways you can teach reflexives:

1) Start by showing just the YO form of the Power Point. Go through it slowly, helping the students to understand the meaning. Then have a discussion with the class and see if they can figure out what all the examples have in common with each other. You may have to give them some hints but hopefully they can figure out that Spanish reflexive verbs are used when you do something to yourself. Doing it this method will help the student remember the use of reflexive verbs better.

2) Method two is done opposite of method one. You start off my explaining what reflexives are, how to use them and their translations in English. Then you go through the Power Point and see if they can catch on to the meaning and uses.


Show your students the Power Point at their pace, it could take one class period or an entire week to go through. Once they are ready you can practice the Spanish Reflexive verbs by doing the following:

This Spanish Reflexive Verbs PowerPoint is the MOST thorough power point presentation on the Spanish reflexive verb uses and conjugations you've ever seen. 162 slides of creativity, color, and animations to help students learn use and structure of reflexive verbs. This power point goes through one pronoun at a time, then reviews over what was previously learned and taught while assessing student understanding. I recommend teaching this one pronoun a day if this is the students' first exposure to reflexive verbs. It ends with a paper-pencil assessment for students to test overall understanding of structure. Includes Zac Efron's hair and Harry Potter's teeth!

Download Sample Preview of PowerPoint

This PowerPoint uses the Inductive Method of teaching. This is where students are given several different examples of the Spanish Formal vs Informal using phrases and images. Students then determine what the differences are and create their own rules. This engages the student more in the presentation and helps them remember the material better since they are taking part in the learning themselves.

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A list of questions are given using the reflexive TÚ form. Students are to ask themselves these questions, then answer them in a complete sentence using the reflexive YO form. Then they are to go around asking classmates these questions, recording their answers. After they will write down the results on the back of the survey for you to assess them in the 3rd person (singular and plural) and in the NOSOTROS(AS) form. I have found great success doing this activity with my students who love using the language more in class.

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A Spanish Reflexives Verbs Worksheet two-page worksheet that starts off helping the students understand when the use the reflexives with some sentences in English. Then it helps assess students' understanding of the reflexive pronoun. Finally students are to create sentences using the reflexive verbs given.

Price: $2.50

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This Spanish Reflexive Verbs Quiz is a quick assessment that includes pictures to help the students with the structure of reflexive sentences.

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This FREE worksheet simply helps students create a daily routine for themselves in a structure manner.

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This is a fun practice activity to do with students when they are working with reflexives. Play the song "Y No Hago Más Na'" by El Gran Combo. Pause several times during the video and go back a few seconds to help students listen closely. As they do they are to fill in the blanks. There is a key at the top with the verbs in the infinitive to help them. When it's all filled in, sing the song together as a class!

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Each day you teach the reflexive verbs, watch the following videos on YouTube as a reminder

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Y No Hago Más Na’ Song