Spanish Culture Presentation Rubric

This Spanish Culture Presentation Rubric is a great way to teach Spanish speaking countries culture. When Spanish teachers usually give cultural presentation projects they will assign each student a different Spanish speaking country, then they will present on very superficial or general topics about the country. In this assignment, the class will vote on a Spanish speaking country and then each student will be given a different category (35+ to choose from; listed on the rubric) to present on. That way the class will learn very much in depth on one single country rather than touching the surface on many different ones. When the class decides on a country, each student owns their category and becomes excited to teach it.

NOTE: There is a grading section on the rubric titled "Class Contribution" where students can earn points for. This part of the project gives the students the opportunity to summarize their research down to 1-2 sentences and add it to the large poster paper that the teacher as prepared. This poster paper should have each student's category and a blank space next to it to allow them to fill it in. The poster is to be displayed in the classroom throughout the unit. Students can also post a picture of their category on the paper. Once students have filled it all in, all can see the hard work they've put in

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