Spanish Definite Articles PowerPoint (Los Artículos Definidos)

This Spanish Definite Articles PowerPoint is a colorful and engaging Power Point that teaches the uses of the Spanish Definite Articles (el, la, los, las).  This uses basic vocabulary from classroom objects (la carpeta, el cuaderno, etc) to help teach when to use the different types of definite articles. This has been tried and tested in actual classrooms and the results have been amazing! This has a total of 27 slides with 28 practice questions at the end. The instructor can choose to assess the students by using the activity "Vote with your Feet."  This is where the instructor designates each corner of the classroom as a different definite article then displays a word without the definite article. The students then stand in the corner they believe to be the correct answer. Those who are correct continue playing, those who are incorrect must sit down (kind of like the game "4 Corners"). Students love this method of assessing and ask for it all the time.

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This PowerPoint uses the Inductive Method of teaching. This is where students are given several different examples of the Spanish Formal vs Informal using phrases and images. Students then determine what the differences are and create their own rules. This engages the student more in the presentation and helps them remember the material better since they are taking part in the learning themselves.

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