Spanish Subject Pronouns Power Point (Pronombres Personales)

A creative Power point presentation of 89 slides on the Subject Pronouns in Spanish. Contains many animations to help in the learning process. This starts off helping students recognize the English Subject Pronouns, then it slowly moves into the Spanish Subject Pronouns, which helps students recognize their uses. It then describes in detail each of the Spanish Subject Pronouns and how they're related to each other. You can choose to go through a day at a time, starting with the singular pronouns and then the plural, or do it a pronoun at a time. Then it ends with several practice assessments and quizzes to help you pace student learning. These assessments test student knowledge in several different ways.

Download a sample Power Point

This PowerPoint uses the Inductive Method of teaching. This is where students are given several different examples of the Spanish Formal vs Informal using phrases and images. Students then determine what the differences are and create their own rules. This engages the student more in the presentation and helps them remember the material better since they are taking part in the learning themselves.

Price: $6.75

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