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Spanish class activities

The following Spanish Class Activities will greatly improve your Spanish Lesson Plans:

  • Empower the learning process to your students through an inductive method of teaching where they figure out the lesson objective themselves. These creative Spanish class Power Points are thorough in their teachings and will leave your students begging for more.

  • Involve your students in the learning process through Spanish class Project Rubrics that will help them catch the same passion you have for Spanish.

  • Create real-life Spanish class situations where students can practice what they learn using these Survey Activities

  • Practice student learning with these helpful Spanish class Worksheets.

What is ForSpanishTeachers.com?

Hola, my name is Todd Claybaugh and I run ForSpanishTeachers.com. I’ve been teaching Spanish since 2009 at Jr. High and High School levels. I’m happily married (to an amazing stay-at-home mom), live in Utah and currently have 4 children. Teaching Spanish is my second love after my family. Rare is the day that I get to go home at contract time because I am constantly looking at improving my lessons through reading other Spanish blogs, collaborating with local Spanish teachers and just through my own trial and error.

I started this website several years ago because I felt like I had valuable Spanish class documents that many other teachers can benefit from. When I create something to use in my Spanish class, I make sure it’s a thorough practice and a great activity for the students. I’ve used each document several times in different settings in my Spanish classes and have perfected them, however when you download a product you always receive the Word document which means you can edit it to tailor it to your own classes.

As you may know, teaching isn’t the most lucrative career. so please support a meager teacher’s salary by purchasing a product you think you’ll need and sharing this website with others!

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