Spanish Class Activities Package Deal

Download over 60 Spanish Class Activities and Documents to use in your Spanish Lesson Plans for one low price. After purchasing this package you will receive a .ZIP file folder containing organized sub-folders with every product offered at ForSpanishTeachers! Includes the following:

  • Spanish class activities
  • Spanish class Power Points
  • Spanish class worksheets
  • Spanish class quizzes
  • Spanish class project rubrics
  • Spanish class survey activities

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The following digital products are included:

Why Take Spanish Power Point Presentation

Spanish POR vs PARA Power Point

Spanish Clock Power Point (EL RELOJ)

Spanish Stem-Changing Conjugations Worksheet

Spanish Preterit Tense Conjugations Practice Survey (EL PRETÉRITO)

Spanish Preterit vs Imperfect Worksheet (PRETÉRITO E IMPERFECTO)

Spanish Irregular Preterit Worksheet (EL PRETÉRITO)

Spanish Preterit Tense Conjugations Cheat Sheet (EL PRETÉRITO)

Spanish Subject Pronouns Power Point (Personal Pronouns;PRONOMBRES PERSONALES)

Spanish Subject Pronouns Worksheet (LOS PRONOMBRES PERSONALES)

Spanish Stem-Changing Verbs Power Point

Spanish Irregular Present Tense Conjugations Power Point (Irregular YO Forms)

Spanish Imperfect Tense Conjugations Power Point (EL IMPERFECTO)

Spanish Irregular Preterit Tense Conjugations Power Point (EL PRETÉRITO)

Spanish Regular Preterit Tense Conjugations Power Point (EL PRETÉRITO)

Spanish ESTAR Worksheet on Agreement and Present Tense Conjugations

Spanish SER vs ESTAR Power Point

Spanish Leisure Verb Activity Quiz (LOS PASATIEMPOS)

Spanish GUSTA Activity (Leisure Verbs Survey; LOS PASATIEMPOS)

Spanish Prepositions Power Point (Locations of Spanish Classroom Objects; LA CLASE)

Spanish Classroom Objects Vocabulary Quiz (LA CLASE)

Spanish Class Schedule Activity (LA CLASE Vocabulary survey)

Spanish Prepositions Worksheet (Locations Around the House; LA CASA)

Spanish Prepositions Power Point (Locations of Spanish Around the House Vocabulary; LA CASA)

Spanish Directions Worksheet (LA CIUDAD Vocabulary)

Spanish City Vocabulary Quiz (LA CIUDAD)

Spanish Foods Video Project Rubric (LA COMIDA)

Spanish Class Food Venn Diagram Worksheet (LA COMIDA)

Spanish Food Vocabulary Quiz (LA COMIDA)

Spanish Menu Project Rubric (LA COMIDA)

Spanish Blank Family Tree Labeling Worksheet (LA FAMILIA)

Spanish Possessive Adjectives Worksheet (LOS ADJETIVOS POSESIVOS)

Spanish Possessive Adjectives Power Point (LOS ADJETIVOS POSESIVOS)

Spanish Demonstratives Worksheet (LOS DEMOSTRATIVOS)

Spanish Demonstratives Power Point (LOS DEMOSTRATIVOS)

Spanish Speaking Countries Geography Power Point Practice / Spanish Speaking Countries Flags Power Point Practice

Spanish Speaking Countries Blank Map Worksheet to Label

Spanish Speaking Countries Cultural Presentation Project Rubric

Spanish Speaking Countries Flags Quiz

Spanish Speaking Countries Blank Flags Worksheet to Color

Spanish Alphabet Worksheet (EL ALFABETO)

Spanish Present Tense Conjugations Worksheet on -AR verbs

Spanish Present Tense Conjugations Activity (Missing Song Lyrics; O, AS, A, AMOS, AN)

Spanish Infinitives Worksheet (EL INFINITIVO)

Spanish Present Tense Conjugations Activity (Survey)

Spanish Present Tense Conjugations Power Point of -AR Verbs

Spanish Commands Power Point (LOS MANDATOS)

Spanish Commands Project Rubric (Teaching something simple; LOS MANDATOS)

Spanish Commands with Direct Object Pronouns Worksheet Chart (LOS MANDATOS)

Spanish Commands Around the House Power Point Project Rubric (LOS MANDATOS; LA CASA)

Spanish Adjectives Power Point (Characteristics)

Spanish Adjectives Activity using SER (Characteristics)

Spanish Adjectives Project Rubric (Show & Tell)

Spanish Adjectives Activity (Missing song lyrics; ¿Cómo Soy Yo?)

Spanish Adjectives Worksheet Chart (SER; Characteristics)

Spanish Adjectives Quiz (Characteristics)

Spanish Reflexives Class Activity (Missing Song Lyrics; LOS REFLEXIVOS)

Spanish Reflexives Quiz (LOS REFLEXIVOS)

Spanish Reflexives Class Activity Survey (LOS REFLEXIVOS)

Spanish Reflexives Worksheet (Daily Routine; LOS REFLEXIVOS)

Spanish Reflexives Worksheet (LOS REFLEXIVOS)

Spanish Reflexives Point Point (LOS REFLEXIVOS)

Spanish Definite Articles Power Point (LOS ARTÍCULOS DEFINIDOS)


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