Spanish City (La Ciudad) and Directions Lesson Plan Ideas

Spanish City (La Ciudad) and Directions Lesson Plan Ideas:

The following are topics that you can teach with the City topic in your Spanish class:

  • The City (La Ciudad) Vocab
  • Directions vocab and phrases
  • Commands formation grammar to go with giving directions (Dobla a la derecha, Sigue adelante, etc)
  • The verb “IR” and it’s uses (Voy al…)

Here are the different Spanish class activities/resources you can do when teaching the City! (some are for free, some are to purchase to continue supporting this site):

First of all you can start with presenting common city vocab in Spanish. This vocab list contains the verb “IR”:

PDF Version:

Spanish City and Ir vocab

Click here for City/Ir vocab Word doc version:

Here is a worksheet you can give the students to practice labeling the parts of the city for vocab acquisition:

Spanish City Labeling Worksheet

Next introduce some Spanish directions phrases and practice with them in English and Spanish with various maps.

Create a Spanish Class City:

While you’re practicing and learning the vocab in class, give the students the following cardboard Spanish city project:

Spanish Cardboard City Project Rubric

With your Spanish Class Ciudad setup you are ready to practice giving and following directions in Spanish! The following PDF and Word doc can be used in different variations to have students practice. I would suggest for the different activities that you assign students different parts of the city, rather than having them choose. Also see if you can incorporate recording the students giving directions so the classmates can practice following verbal directions.

Practice Spanish Class City Directions

Practice Spanish Class City Directions Word Doc

I don’t have any documents for this, if I did it probably wouldn’t apply to your school. But my first year teaching I created a Spanish directions activity in class where students had to follow a scavenger hunt in Spanish around the school. I gave them directions in Spanish from exiting my classroom and there were brown paper sacks hung around the school where students would be led to with more instructions in each sack. When you do this, treat the hallways as roads, intersections and blocks. Students were divided up into groups of 2-3 and groups were sent out every 4-5 increments and I expected them back in a certain amount of time. They were to return to me with the final destination so I know they did it correctly.

Then you can give an assignment where they go out and create directions where they start and end at certain locations such as another teacher’s class, the main office, a gym, etc. Or do the same thing as the class city activities where students are assigned a start and ending place, they write the start location and the instructions but not the end, then give the instructions to a classmate who follows them and tries to figure out where the destination is.

What do you do, what works for you, do you have other resources you can share with the rest of the world? We’d love to hear from you!

See below for some other Spanish City resources you can use in your class today!

Spanish Directions Worksheet

Spanish City Quiz:

City Quiz (La Ciudad)

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