Spanish Past Tense Activities

The Spanish Past Tense can take months to teach. The following activities can supplement your teaching material.

This part is divided into three different parts: 1)Preterit Tense Conjugations 2) Imperfect Tense Conjugations 3) Preterit vs Imperfect.

1) Preterit Tense (including the irregulars):

Hopefully students have a strong understanding of conjugating verbs by learning how to do it in the present tense. What you teach them here will only add to what they already know. Here is a great start for teaching preterit tense conjugations:

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Once students start getting a hang of conjugating in the past tense throw in this survey activity to help using the verbs in context.

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Supplement with the following video:

Now it’s time to start with the irregular preterit. This is probably one of the hardest conjugations to teach and learn since there are so many irregulars. The following Power Point teaches most of them very thoroughly.

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Assess student understanding with the irregular preterit worksheet:

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The following is not a worksheet but just a guide for conjugating the irregular preterit:

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This is a great video and song to help with some of the irregulars:


2) Imperfect Tense Conjugations

Students will love this after learning the preterit tense with all their irregulars.

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3) Preterit vs Imperfect

This is yet another concept that has plaque Spanish students for years. Here is a worksheet to help you in your quest to teach it:

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These videos are pretty good: